Hebes Here And There

The culmination of Graham's years of specialisation of Hebes, first published in 1997.

A fully descriptive monograph on Hebes. In this first fully descriptive book on the genus Hebe, about 300 hebes are described and illustrated from living material.

The book contains accounts of travels in New Zealand made by County Park Nursery owner Graham Hutchins in search of species and wild hybrids, and sections on cultivation and the choice of hebes for different situations.

The species are covered in one chapter, hybrids and cultivars in another. The detailed line drawings, which highlight the difference between the species, include maps showing the geographical distribution of each species.

There is a glossary, an index to Hebe species and synonyms and an appendix listing hebes that may be lost to civilisation and new hebes.

The authoritative book, the product of the author's many years' experience of growing hebes, will be the definitive work on the genus for many years to come and a must own for anyone interested or working with Hebes.

First published: 1997; 336 pages, 92 line drawings. Text: Graham Hutchins. Illustrations: Patricia Davies. ISBN: 0953094006. Purchase from Amazon